Terms and conditions of service

Clients of digital services accept these terms and conditions upon confirming their decision to purchase content or services.

  1. Services provided on this website are provided in accordance with UK law.
  2. Digital content is created with the highest professional considerations for your benefit.  However, you acknowledge that, by the nature of delivery this content is not personalised to you; it is generic and so may have varied results from person to person.
  3. As a client of digital content you hereby agree to respect our copyright and not to distribute purchased content or materials either for personal gain or reward; or for free use on torrenting websites, or other such online environments, inclusive of social media.
  4. You agree that you will not try to circumvent the payment mechanism to access content for free.
  5. You agree that you are accessing hypnotherapy recordings for your own personal use and have taken any necessary medical advice before doing so.
  6. You agree not to share your purchased content with others inclusive of family and friends.
  7. You agree to use the digital content in a safe and sensible way where you can maintain concentration on it and are not simultaneously:
    • operating a vehicle or potentially dangerous machinery.
    • responsible for supervising dependents
    • in an unsecure or unsafe environment eg the bath or a park.
  8. You agree that Sabrina Doherty trading as The Derby Hypnotherapy Clinic has no liability as a result of any actions taken by you which put yourself in jeopardy either physically, mentally or financially after having listened to or used any digital content from this website.